The Sopranos A&E Connection

Web Game

The Sopranos A&E Connection game was designed for the premiere of the Sopranos on A&E TV. Players used cell phones to collect digital pieces representing the iconic people, places, and things from the world of the show. They then arranged these pieces on an online gameboard in anticipation of what they predicted would happen on that night’s episode.

When the episode was broadcast on A&E, the players’ online gameboards came to life and animated synchronously to the TV signal. As the characters, settings and objects of the Sopranos appeared onscreen, the corresponding pieces would light up and score points. This simple game interaction, which borrowed from the logic of fantasy sports and applied it to the realm of drama, created a passionate and addicted community and turned each episode into an intense and highly social event.

The Sopranos Connection represents the first time a game was ever designed wholly for synchronous two-screen entertainment.