Spore Islands

EA / Maxis

Spore Islands, designed for Electronic Arts/Maxis as their first foray onto Facebook, invites players to experience the Spore universe in a new way by competing against their friends in the ultimate test of survival of the fittest.

Spore Islands focuses on multiplayer interaction; each player controls their own ecosystem containing creatures designed by them and their friends. Players compete to survive, thrive and dominate by evolving their creatures, modifying their attributes, diet, and behavior. As in real-world ecosystems, adaptation is the key, there is no “best” strategy, every decision depends on the pressures of the environment. Should you make a swift herbivore, a fierce predator, or a heavily-armored scavenger? It’s all about adapting to the decisions your friends have made in evolving their own creatures and staying one step ahead in the struggle for survival.

With its innovative use of asynchronous multiplayer strategy, Spore Islands proves that Facebook games can be more than lowest-common-denominator entertainment, and shows the potential of social networks to enable fascinating new gameplay directions.