Code of Everand

DfT / Carat
Web Game

Code of Everand is a free, casual massively multiplayer online game (MMO) that takes place in a dangerous world criss-crossed by monster-filled spirit channels.

The game is designed for 9 – 13 year olds and was commissioned by the UK’s Department for Transport and through play patterns and social reinforcement aims to strengthen proper road-crossing safety habits.

As a Pathfinder in Code Of Everand, you use your powers to safely cross the Spirit Channels, helping the citizens of Everand, restoring peace where there is conflict, leveling up, making friends and undertaking quests to uncover the secret of the mysterious Code Of Everand.

Where combat would go in a conventional RPG, Everand has channel crossings. To succeed in the game, players must learn to stop and think, look both ways, see which monsters they are up against, choose the right spells and traps to dispel them and only cross over once the coast is clear.

The game uses real world traffic data to affect the behavior of monsters in the game, helping to raise awareness of the game and reinforcing the real-world stakes of this important issue.